People are always shocked to find out I grew up in San Antonio in the late 90’s and they’re always bugging me to tell them what it was like then but how can I explain it? How can I explain a youth culture that was tired of all the clichés, that rejected drugs and violence and even sex to some extent, a generation whose only interest was total comfort? A generation obsessed with breathable cotton blends and moccasins and the perfect angle on your recliner and hammocks, Hammocks, HAMMOCKS! The radio wasn’t playing anything that reflected our lives so we made our own music and bands like Perfect Sweater Weather, Boxer-Briefs, The Central A/C’s, and Sealy and the Posturepedics wrote total comfort anthems we quietly dozed too. The world had never seen anything like us and we thought it would never end but then came September 2001 and all our parents made us get jobs and ever since then total comfort has been nothing but a dream.